Orthodoxy in Eastern Europe

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Christians that follow the Orthodox tradition accounted for 61% of the population of Eastern Europe in 2010.  This region has the highest percentage of Orthodox in the world (Atlas of Global Christianity, 2010).  Russia has the largest number of Orthodox, as indicated by the size of the circle, with nearly 90 million adherents making up 64% of the population (Operation World).  In terms of Orthodox percentage of population, Romania has the highest (87%), followed by Bulgaria (79%), Russia (64%), Ukraine (61%), Moldova (62%), and Belarus (58%).

Catholics were estimated to be 19.4% of the population in Eastern Europe (Atlas of Global Christianity, 2010) and are found in higher proportion on the western side of Eastern Europe.  Poland has the highest percentage of its population that is Catholic (86% with a population of 32 million), followed by Slovakia (80%) and Hungary (60%).  The largest Christian tradition in the Czech Republic is…

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The Abandoned

Recently I have been thinking how silly it seems that I trust the Lord with my salvation and eternal life, yet, I feel I don’t always need to trust Him or come before Him with my day-to-day life. It seems silly in light of verses from the Word like that of Colossians 3:4, “When Christ, who is your life, appears, then you also will appear with Him in glory.” Christ who is my LIFE…I take this to mean not just my eternal life, but also my new earthly life, purchased by His blood. I now cling to this verse. I never want to forget what my life is, or rather, who my life is. I should not live this life for myself, but rather, for the One who made it, gave it, and redeemed it in the first place.

The Lord has been stretching me so much. Every day he teaches me how to trust Him more, how to love Him more. I feel He is really working in my heart to show me the beauty of a life completely and totally abandoned of self and completely and totally surrendered to Him and His will. I am seeing more and more that Christ is enough.


Scripture through the Airwaves

Scripture through the Airwaves.

Chosen to Translate Her Language

Chosen to Translate Her Language.

Hearing is Believing

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By Melissa Chesnut

Hearing is BelievingFor forty-five years, Linda Weisenberger worked in the Maia language group of Papua New Guinea, investing her time, heart, and soul into the work of Bible translation.

During those years, Linda and a team of several other ladies had experienced times of discouragement and trial, as well as joy and triumph. But Linda’s time of working with the Maia people was drawing to a close as she prepared for retirement.

Before she left, the translation team decided to arrange a Bible dedication to celebrate all the translated materials completed so far. Linda asked the team—by that time consisting of two men—to spread the word about the ceremony and try to stir up excitement in the community. Eighteen villages were to be included in the dedication, and the team couldn’t wait for the dedication day!

But just one month before the scheduled ceremony, the two translators reported that…

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The Life of God in the Soul of Man – Henry Scougal (1677)

I cannot speak of religion, but I must lament, that among so many pretenders to it, so few understand what it means: some placing it in the understanding, in orthodox notions and opinions; and all the account they can give of their religion is, that they are of this and the other persuasion, and have joined themselves to one of those many sects whereinto Christendom is most unhappily divided.

Others place it in the outward man, in a constant course of external duties, and a model of performances. If they live peaceably with their neighbours, keep a temperate diet, observe the returns of worship, frequenting the church, or their closet, and sometimes extend their hands to the relief of the poor, they think they have sufficiently acquitted themselves.

Others again put all religion in the affections, in rapturous hearts, and ecstatic devotion; and all they aim at is, to pray with passion, and think of heaven with pleasure, and to be affected with those kind and melting expressions wherewith they court their Saviour, till they persuade themselves they are mightily in love with him, and from thence assume a great confidence of their salvation, which they esteem the chief of Christian graces.

Thus are these things which have any resemblance of piety, and at the best are but means of obtaining it, or particular exercises of it, frequently mistaken for the whole of religion: nay, sometimes wickedness and vice pretend to that name. I speak not now of those gross impieties wherewith the Heathens were wont to worship their gods. There are but too many Christians who would consecrate their vices, and follow their corrupt affections, whose ragged humor and sullen pride must pass for Christian severity; whose fierce wrath, and bitter rage against their enemies, must be called holy zeal; whose petulancy towards their superiors, or rebellion against their governors, must have the name of Christian courage and resolution.

But certainly religion is quite another thing, and they who are acquainted with it will entertain far different thoughts, and disdain all those shadows and false imitations of it. They know by experience that true religion is a union of the soul with God, a real participation of the divine nature, the very image of God drawn upon the soul, or, in the apostle’s phrase, “It is Christ formed within us.”—Briefly, I know not how the nature of religion can be more fully expressed, than by calling it a Divine Life: and under these terms I shall discourse of it, showing first, how it is called a life; and then, how it is termed divine.

The Life of God in the Soul of Man – Henry Scougal (1677) PDF


A Grain of SALT Changes Life

A Grain of SALT Changes Life.

My Life as a Missionary Kid

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By Melissa Paredes

I was twelve years old when my family moved to the Philippines, and my life hasn’t been the same since.My Life as an MK

It wasn’t easy packing up a family of seven to move 7,000 miles across the world, but somehow my parents did it. For me, it was an adventure; I’m sure for them it was much more stressful than my twelve-year-old mind could understand at the time. But we were going because God had called us—a calling that had been confirmed over and over again since we started looking into Wycliffe. That was only a year before we packed our bags and got on the plane that would take us to a new country, a new culture, and a new life.

At first it was hard moving to another country. I was old enough to miss our home in Colorado, our friends, and our church family. But I…

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Songs of the Tundra

Songs of the Tundra.

Standing Out from the Crowd

Standing Out from the Crowd.


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