Eusebius Stephanou and Orthodox Renewal

Re-evangelizing the Orthodox people- we take it for granted that everybody in the Orthodox Church that has been baptized is in a right relationship with God. But if we scrape the surface a little bit we’ll see that many men and women, otherwise religious people, are not in a right relationship with God. They live on spiritual crumbs and they are deprived of a whole loaf of God’s redeeming love and of His victory power.

People stand reverently in church at the Divine Liturgy but we have mistaken reverence today for a truly life-changing relationship with Christ. Too many priests and bishops are not preaching the full gospel. Anything we preach that is not gospel, that does not make the cross central, is anathema according to the book of Galatians. Restoring the centrality of the gospel in the church, restoring the centrality of the ministry of the Word, so that people can receive the impact of Word of God. The Word of God has inherently a supernatural, life-changing power, that really has not been manifested is many of our Orthodox churches today. We put all the stress and all of our attention on the sacraments, on the holy Eucharist. We are told that the bread and wine are the body and blood of Christ, but that is not enough. Do our people know that Jesus shed His precious blood on the cross of Calvary for each one of us and that he expects a response from every believer of unconditional surrender? God is looking only for one thing: changed lives. Neither circumcision nor uncircumcision is anything, says the Scripture, but a new creation! That is the ultimate purpose.

Do you have a passionate, all-consuming love for Jesus? That’s the ultimate purpose of God’s calling.

– Eusebius Stephanou 

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