“No Bible Sunday”


Sponsored by Wycliffe Bible Translators

A. W. Tozer once said that if the Holy Spirit was removed from our churches, many of us wouldn’t notice the difference. Could this be true about the Bible as well?

“No Bible Sunday” was first introduced in 2004 as “an innovative church event challenging Christians to apply Scripture in every aspect of their lives and to spread God’s life-giving word to their neighbours, around the world.”

Some people who heard the title without hearing the purpose behind it responded “What a terrible idea! How could our church have a Sunday without the Bible?”

And that is the point…

Without the Bible it’s extremely hard to worship God, not just because most of our songs are based on Scripture but because the Bible shows us what God is like.

Without the Bible it’s extremely difficult to hear from God. No book can speak more powerfully into our lives than the Bible.

Without the Bible it’s extremely hard to learn much about God or about our purpose in being on this planet, and even harder to know whether what anyone else says about God is true.

No Bible Sunday challenges people to value and read the Bible.

Through ignorance, indifference or their own religious beliefs many people outside the church choose never to read the Bible. But for hundreds of millions of people there is no choice. Through barriers of language, illiteracy or religious persecution, they have no access to the Bible.

For hundreds of millions of people every Sunday is No Bible Sunday.

Q. Did you really trying to ban the Bible?
A. No. The title was meant to get attention and make people think, but No Bible Sunday was really about encouraging people to value the Bible.

Q. Is this just a joke?
A. No Bible Sunday was no joke. Some people saw it as fun, some did not like the idea at all but we hope that Christians visiting this site will see that being without the Bible is no laughing matter.

Q. Were you trying to replace other ‘Bible Sunday’ events?
A. Certainly not! There are many ways to celebrate and draw attention to the importance of the Bible.

Q. Who has taking part?
A. No Bible Sunday services have already taken place in churches in Britain, Ireland, Canada, USA, Germany, Netherlands, Costa Rica, and several other countries. It has been run in churches from many different denominations and traditions, each taking or adapting resources appropriate for their congregation.

Q. What good does it do?
A. No Bible Sunday challenged some people to begin reading the Bible for themselves. For others it helped them recognize the needs of others around the world who still do not have scripture in their own language.





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