What Every Earnest Disciple Should be Zealous For

The Fellowship of a Burning Heart

jesustemple Zealot!  Religious extremist!  I’m sure if Jesus were in America these days he would make it on a government shortlist of “extremists” to watch closely and wiretap.   We’re instructed to “never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervour serving the Lord” – Romans 12:11   Unfortunately I’ve met quite a few zealous disciples of Jesus who have actually done great harm to the church and to the testimony of Christ among the lost.   Now I’m not here to discredit or criticize zealous endeavours for God.  Some deserve credit and encouragement, some need constructive criticism, and others we ought to reprove and distance ourselves from.  Regardless…having zeal is a command of God not an option.  We’re also instructed to balance zeal with knowledge (Rom 10:2), because without knowledge Satan will quickly hijack good intentions.

So what should we be zealous for?  Well, that depends. What part of…

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