Antsa Mamy (Sweet Songs), Jesosy Raiky Avao (Only Jesus) – Vezo language of Southern Madagascar

From Wycliffe Global Alliance

Music is a great way to communicate the truth of the gospel. When translation teams complete a book of the Bible, the goal is to produce an audio as well as written version. Some translation teams write or find songs in the language that can be recorded on a CD along with the dramatised reading of the Scripture. These songs have proved very popular in Madagascar. But it’s not just the translators who may have a talent for music. Edit, who helps with administration for the translation projects in Madagascar, has a real gift for song writing. He sings in a choir, but also sings with a group called Antsa Mamy (Sweet Songs).

The music group recently uploaded some videos to YouTube – here they are singing one of Edit’s songs: Jesosy Raiky Avao (Only Jesus) in the Vezo language of Southern Madagascar. Edit is the man with the hat, singing and playing guitar.

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