If you seek God desperately and look to Him for opportunities, there is no limit to the impact He can have through you.

If you are motivated to glorify God then you will give it everything you have, despite the circumstances.

We should tell about how God changes our lives and sets us free, but what they really need to hear about is what Jesus has done on the cross.

Don’t get so caught up in yourself that you don’t get to know people. That’s how God can give you His broken heart for them.

God is looking for people who will accept not only the joy of public influence, but also the responsibilities that go along with it.

Do we trust God to be who the Bible says He is, and are we willing to obey Him at all cost? #revolutionary!

Let God purify you, and there will be no limits to how He can use you. Embrace a life of holiness and godliness.

Being impressed with God gives you the freedom to take risks in the way you present the Gospel. It frees you from the rules of the scene.

Too many of us approach ministry saying, “God, I want to do this, so bless it.” Instead, surrender everything and ask God what He wants.

Most people in the world are trying to find out where their next meal will come from. Make the most of what you have been blessed with.

The world is a desperate place and millions of people are being destroyed by the lies of Satan. Ask God for to give you His heart!

“Whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will find it” (Matthew 16:25).

Cry out to God, spend all night in prayer, go for long prayer walks, ask God to take your life and fill it with His power. #revolutionary!

When you make knowing God the priority, you will feel incredibly free because you won’t feel bound by worldly obstacles.

Everything we do must be first and foremost an act of worship to God alone. #revolutionary!

You don’t know how God might use a seemingly insignificant moment. #AudienceOfOne

If we are faithful in giving God the glory in our lives, He will be able to trust us with even greater opportunities to spread His truth.

If you share the message of the Cross, then there will be people who dislike the message and reject you. Root yourself in God’s approval.

If you want to have authority in your life, it will not come from what you do on stage; it is what you do off stage that matters.

You must be willing to step through fear. Every major move of God I have experienced has required this of me. #revolutionary!

If we omit the cross from our message, we leave out the power of the Gospel.

God will use the small moments in our lives to shape our character so that He can use us in greater ways in the future.

What if for every hour you practice your art, you spent an hour or more seeking God? It would revolutionize everything!

The world is a desperate place. People are hungry for something real and eternal.

The Jesus that so many people reject is one that you and I would reject too. We need to show them the real Jesus!

When you set high standards, you don’t lose credibility with the world. You gain it. Practice holiness.

If you love God and want to see more of His power in your life, then holiness will bring liberation and release. #revolutionary!

The more you are willing to reject pride in your life, the more God will use you.

All of our ministry efforts need to be motivated by an authentic, God-given love for people. Ask God to give you His heart. #revolutionary!

If you step out, God will move in ways that will astound you. Don’t be comfortable.

The message of the cross is power, and where there is no cross, there is no power (1 Corinthians 1:18).

God loves it when we cry out to Him. And He rewards those who seek Him with a desperate heart. #revolutionary!

Pray as much as you paint, or write, or film, or practice. Revolutionize the Christian scene. #revolutionary!

If we are following Jesus, it’s not about our likes or dislikes, it is about God’s call on our lives. #revolutionary!

People today need to see the real Jesus, because there is power when He is proclaimed.

“…how can they hear without someone preaching to them?” Romans 10:15 #revolutionary!

Cry out to God and ask him to give you a personal revelation of the cross. #revolutionary!

Ask God to break your heart for the lost, even if they are not easy to love. #revolutionary!

Around one hundred prayed to receive Jesus! others shouted and gave us the finger.

The Gospel is unpalatable and doesn’t sell, so we hide it. #revolutionary!

Compromising doesn’t make you relevant, and striving for holiness doesn’t limit your opportunities. #revolutionary!

The message of the cross is power, and where there is no cross, there is no power. #revolutionary!

Being afraid is normal; it’s how you respond to the fear that matters. #revolutionary!

Spoke in two public schools and performed in a prison in Poland.  Many men in tears when they heard about Gods love for them.

What Gives You Authority ON Stage Is What You Do OFF Stage. #revolutionary!

The more you are willing to reject pride in your life, the more God will use you. #revolutionary!

My prayers, effort, and preparation should be the same regardless of the size of the audience. #revolutionary!

The more we seek God, the more His power will be demonstrated through our ministry #revolutionary!

The longer I follow Jesus the more I realize that if He takes His hand off me for a second I’m dead.

What makes your life extraordinary is what you do with your free time.

Same power raised Jesus from the dead is available to everyone who believes!  Live a life worthy of the Resurrection.

The most important thing you will ever do for God is the next thing He asks you to do.

Pride is my biggest enemy and it can hide. That’s why it’s important to ask God to show me my heart every day.

Faith that changes the world always involves Holy Spirit driven risk.

Every breakthrough in my life has occurred when I have cried out to God with a desperate heart.

To do extraordinary things you have to do things in an extraordinary way. Balanced people never change the world.

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