Run While the Sun is Hot – W. Harold Fuller

Africa—vast, dynamic. A continent of challenge and opportunity, torn between paganism, Communism, Islam, tradition and the claims of Jesus Christ. From every quarter she faces the allurement of materialism, the confusion of myriad voices, and the staggering problems of her new-born countries. This book surveys all of these current conditions, and more. Its primary emphasis is on the role of missions—the outreach of radio, literature, medicine education and the local church. It is the story of the impact of the gospel of Christ through the instrumentality of the Sudan Interior Mission. Run While the Sun is Hot is an unforgettable account of an adventurous trek across Africa, from Liberia in the west to Somali Republic in the east. The reader travels by the side of the author to observe crescent-capped minarets, the fetishes of paganism, poverty and heartache alongside progressive capitals and modern developments. Twelve thousand miles bu automobile, motorcycle, Landrover, mule, horse, camel, dugout canoe and airplane tell the up-to-date story of Africa and present the unprecedented challenge to the Christian Church. “If you want a breathtaking African safari, or a miracle thriller in human adventure, read Run While the Sun is Hot. The author blends together intriguing accounts of missions adventures, experiences of victory and hardship in the witness for Christ, and a rewarding acquaintance with scores of missionaries and nationals. I was so involved with real life and people that I read it in a day, to the neglect of other business.”
– Paul B. Fryhling. Published 1968 by Moody Press (Sudan Interior Mission 1st edition, 1967).

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