Prayer and Praise for Nepal

It’s good to look back and recognize what God has done for us. Sometimes it is only with hindsight that we can see how completely God has acted. Looking back also gives faith for the future and urges us on both in prayer and in action.

A story in a prayer letter I recently read from colleagues working in Nepal does exactly this. Praise God that he is growing the Nepali church and Nepali Christians are now translating his word:

On December 1, colleagues from many Bible translation projects joined together for a day of personal engagement with the Word of God. Expatriates were hugely outnumbered by our national colleagues. The visual impact of this gathering brought tears to our eyes, an answer to many prayers over the years. No longer is Bible translation something outsiders do, but is now a process that begins and ends with the local Christian community. Our role now, as outsiders, is to assist in anyway we can, training, consultant checking, helping with typesetting.

You might ask why didn’t translation work start out this way. The simple answer is that 40 years ago there were very few believers and education in Nepal was very basic. Forty years later there are thousands of believers (representing most of the 100+ language groups in Nepal) and education has improved to the point where local believers now seek training in the specifics of doing Bible translation for their own language.

The Nepali church is now into its third generation, has a growing mission vision and is committed to developing leadership and capacity for ministry. All new translation projects are modeled on the principle ‘You can do it, we can help’.

Praise God for those who have faithfully prayed:

  • Thank him for the growth of the Nepali church and for how it is engaging in mission.
  • Praise him for each Nepali staff member and their contribution to Bible translation.

As anywhere else, the journey is not without opposition and struggle. Pray for:

  • Endurance for the national staff involved in bringing God’s Word to their own people in their heart language.
  • Health and strength for workers and their families.
  • God’s grace to face challenges and courage to overcome difficulties.

Watch this inspiring prayer video, which details the majesty of the landscape and the diversity of the peoples in Nepal.

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