I would like to invite you to learn about Christian mission in Eastern Europe through
higher education. The university years are formative for youth. As they explore and
gain the knowledge and experience necessary to enter the workforce, they are also
developing as global citizens. At LCC, we believe that the university years can include
spiritual formation and the invitation to consider the claims of Jesus Christ and what
that means for life and for society. You will read in the following pages the practical
ways that happens both in the classroom and in other campus activities.
However, the Christian mission can only be fully realized as we participate with other
Christians in church communities. When we can send our students to observe and to
bless these communities already in action we will both be stronger! I invite you to
read for yourself about Christian education as Mission and the ministry of our staff at
LCC. You will also find the information needed to invite young people to get involved
in your community as well.

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