Work as Worship

I designed you for worship, I made you to be united with me, to be connected with me in everything you do. When you love me in everything you do, it brings me so much joy, wherever you are and whatever you do, do it for me, do it because I love you, and I want you to love me. I designed you for work. From the beginning I created in you a desire to create, just like me. I made you unique, complex, special. I gave you passions and skills, gifts to give back to the world, in the same way I gave them to you. Part of me is in you, and you want to create in the same way I wanted to create you. I want you to use the passions I gave you. Why should these two ever be separate? In all parts of your life I want you to worship me. Whether I created you to be an architect, a teacher, a dancer- I created you to do it for me. I want you to do the things I gifted you with, for me. Your work and your worship never have to be separate. People will know me by what you do, the way you treat others, the way you love others. Your work is your worship.

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