Walk the Narrow Road

Knowing all about being spiritual, understanding all theology, reading thousands of Christian books, listening to new songs every week, going to every seminar available, the counselling sessions; none of those things will make you a follower of Jesus. That will not make you like Jesus.

The thing that will make you like Christ is your willingness, my willingness, to embrace the cross, accept suffering and walk on the most rigid, narrow road and become doers of the word.

Otherwise we will remain like those people that day:

“Jesus, don’t you know me? I went to church every Sunday, I prayed for the sick and they even got healed! I gave money. I did everything.”

Jesus will say:
“I just don’t know you.”

You knew all the answers, you said the right words, you even did wonderful spiritual gymnastics, you worshiped. But it was all a product of the flesh.

Unless you are deliberately careful- don’t follow the crowd, choose the narrow road, embrace the cross, be real in your walk with Him.

– K.P. Yohannan

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