Onced Healed, Now Healing

Suvali rubbed the sleep from her eyes as she got out of bed. It was midnight, but someone had called needing her help. She woke her teenage son, and they both went out into the darkness.

When they arrived at the home, Suvali asked her son to open the Bible they had brought and read Scripture. Being illiterate, she couldn’t read it herself. As God’s Word penetrated the air, the person lying before them began to thrash around.

Suvali started praying out loud, seeking the healing power of Jesus to bring deliverance and restoration. Soon, the power of God entered the room, and the person was made well.

A Similar Past

Suvali was once in desperate need of prayer herself. Only years before, Suvali was in the same condition as those she now prays for. Every day, spirits harassed her. Her family tried to get rid of the torment by taking Suvali to witch doctors and temples, but it was only through the prayers of one of God’s servants that she became well. On the day of her deliverance, Suvali and her family devoted their hearts to Jesus. Ever since then, they have lived as testimonies of the Living God’s love—and especially His power to heal and deliver.

Many times, the Lord has used Suvali to bring physical and spiritual healing to the people in her village. She’s even been asked to pray for ailing livestock, and the Lord answers her prayers.

Facing the Opposition

As word spread of Suvali’s special gift of healing, some people rose up against her and her family. During one religious festival, a group of men forcibly took Suvali’s husband to the nearest temple and commanded him to worship their gods. But Suvali’s husband did not bend.

“Even if you kill me here,” he said, “it doesn’t matter to me. I will not bow down . . . I once did this, but now I have found the living Lord Jesus, whom I worship and serve. … I am in Christ, and so is my family.”

Surprised by his strong stand, the men let him go.

“Surely a day will come,” Suvali said, “when people will know the truth.”

Always Ready, Day or Night

Even though there is a group of people who oppose Suvali’s ministry, she continues to pray for those in need, ready at any hour of the day—or night—to share the Word of God and to be used as His instrument of healing. So far, 25 people have come to know the Lord though Suvali’s prayers and testimony.

“I just pray in Jesus’ name,” she said, “and miracles happen.”

Think About It :
Suvali was an uneducated, illiterate woman, but her heart cried out with gratefulness to her Deliverer. The Lord saw her simple faith and her willing heart, and He knew He could use her to bring freedom to many others.


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