Naujos pamokslų serijos “Arčiau” – Pastorius Saulius Karosas

Greetings, I wanted to invite everyone to the worship service on September 20 when we, City Church (Klaipeda), will be starting a new teaching series entitled, “closer”. The purpose will be to help us all come closer to Jesus, to know Jesus more. Our church’s mission is this, to lead people to a close friendship with Jesus Christ. Very often when I am speaking with my friends or at church with people, I notice that the Believer’s life is full of a kind of weariness, spiritually, emotionally, physically. Sometimes I see people who are living their spiritual life, borrowing inspiration from others, living this kind of borrowed spiritual life. And not really purposefully finding time in their life to seek Jesus, his will, growing in love for him, and holding him as the most important priority in one’s life. And this is the greatest gift that a person can have, to experience God’s presence (closeness, nearness) and to have one’s entire life with Jesus placed at the very centre, Jesus as Lord and Shepherd. So through this series we will be learning and I will be sharing my experience, how I manage to slow down, pray, read Scripture, we will see what the Bible teaches us about slowing down, the Sabbath, ministry, worship, things that help us live in a meaningful way so that we do not waste our life. And it will be a very practical teaching series through which we will seek to simply change our way of life, so that we do not get entangled in this world’s whirlwind and that it would not carry us away by its sometimes strange values. So if you want those changes I urge you, in your calendar, Sunday, write it down, do not miss this teaching series. Several months we will seek to form new habits in our life. If you did not have them, then it is time to start and so we are looking forward to September 22nd, at LCC International University, City Church worship service, 11am, see you then.

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