Entrusting Ministry to God

Entrusting Ministry to God

All of us are called to ministry by the Lord, but our ministries may not always be successful. The key to doing ministry well is simple. It is to put our faith and dependence on our God, not on people. Look at Jesus. Although countless people trusted and followed Jesus, He never depended himself on people at any moment. Then, what did Jesus rely on?

First, Jesus relied on God’s words. Not only He identified Himself with God’s words (John 5:39), but he also focused on fulfilling the prophecies written about him in the Bible. Likewise, we should be able to define ourselves with the Bible. The Bile tells us who we are, but we don’t realize that and define ourselves with rubbish thoughts: things that we heard, what our parents told us when we were young, or something you swore upon in the past.

After resurrection, Jesus spoke to His disciples that the Old Testament prophecies of the Christ’s suffering, death and resurrection have been fulfilled and that the disciples will be witnesses of the Gospel being spread from Jerusalem to all the nations. Here, Jesus justified the disciples’ calling with the words of God and did not apply anything else. The same applies to us. We cannot apply to ourselves anything other than the bible, and must see how we are called through the word. The word is accomplishment of prophesies, and we must live in the fulfillment of His words and prophecy. Our ministries must become like this as well, and only then will our ministries have its full purpose and motivation.

Whoever that says “I did my best” is someone that is of the world. The world tells us to do our best but the word tells us to be loyal to the point of death. Our goal is not to “do our best” but to faithfully obey and fulfill the words of God. There is no growth and learning for people who just do their best ability. Our end goal is not the best effort but the accomplishment of God’s words. Jesus said, “I have a baptism to be baptized with, and how great is my distress until it is accomplished! (Luke 12:50).” Jesus chose these words with a purpose, obeyed God’s words to death, and His life became reflection of God’s words.

It is written, “And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations and then the end will come.” If we do not obey these words, and delegate our responsibility to others, our lives will be unrelated to God’s words. Jesus dedicated His life to God’s words to his death, and then there was victory. The same applies to us.

Secondly, Jesus relied on God the Father. “And the Father who sent me has himself borne witness about me that the Father has sent me (John 5:37).” If we truly believe that God the Father accepted us, we will not be shaken by our fear or worries. Often, the division and conflicts within the ministry team are rooted in the members’ desire to be recognized by people, not by God. Therefore, missionaries should put their lives on meeting God and hearing what God the Father says about us. We should meet and experience God’s forgiving love, which frees us from shame and guilt. When one is certain that God is pleased with him or her, they are never lost.

Jesus struggled to follow God the Father’s heart: “my soul is very sorrowful, even to death (Matthew 26:38)” We also should take the cross and daily follow God the Father’s will. To have close relationship with God is to understand His heart for the lost nations, which is resembled by the mother’s brokenness who almost lost her son at Solomon’s court.

Third, Jesus relied on the fruits of ministries. By the fruits, we are recognized as God’s missionaries by the community, and by the fruits we are able to fulfill the task of witness and to reveal God’s glory. By becoming the seeds sown to the ground, we should yield the fruits of shining the world in spiritual darkness and of bringing back the lost people.

In order to serve God, we should pray, worship and carry out the ministries, overcoming our spiritual limitations. We should break our ego as the woman broke the alabaster box in front of Jesus. We should fully dedicate ourselves to the glory of God in full recognition that this cannot be achieved without our death on the cross.

We know our Lord’s distress over the nations which have not returned to Him. And it is our desire to align our hearts with His.

Lord, we, the Church has been called for the restoration of the nations. Lord, let us be used for the accomplishment of your prophecy and of your will, and the completion of your History on this Earth. Let the World Church gather with one purpose of bringing back the lost people in the nations. Empower us to overcome the spiritual limitations and to advance with faith. Lord, let us see the revival of the nations!

Written by Missionary Ishmael Lim


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