Sharing Christ in Port Louis, Mauritius

A Logos Hope team trained local youths to share the gospel through different ways including testimonies, dance, drama and sports in an overnight youth camp in Mauritius. The youths were very passionate about learning new things and using the tools learnt to share God’s love.

Over the weekend, the youths visited the ship and attended an onboard workshop on using other creative ways to share the word of God, such as the Rubik’s cube. Eager to apply what they have learnt, the team and the youths went out into one of the toughest communities in the area where even the police don’t go to anymore. They did house visitations and listened to the stories of the locals. One woman invited them into the tiny home that she shared with five other occupants. As the conversation deepened, she opened up and shared with the team her struggles and unhappiness.

While one of the team members, Dan Martinez (Spain), prayed for the woman, she was so touched by God that she fell over and cried. As the team continued to share stories from the Bible with the woman and her housemates, all six of them were eventually led to receive true salvation. “It was incredible to see the Spirit at work,” shared team member, Jems Fitzsimmons (UK). “God used young people like us to bring people to Christ in the midst of poverty and drug abuse.”

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