Mission in Caucasus

Beginning of a Revival

By Missionary Power Choi / Nation Chang (Caucasus A)

As we have been hearing news of revival from different corners of the world, we have been waiting for a revival in this nation as well. At one point we even doubted whether the people here would ever return to the Lord. We felt like that these people would be able to truly understand the contradictions and lies in the Quran if they had only known Arabic. However, we were wrong. The Caucasus region is at the brink of new change.

Recently, a Korean medical team visited a village of Caucasus A. Not only did they medically examine the people, but they also spoke of Jesus’s love and prayed for all the people that came. At first the villagers did not respond well as they had their guards up. But interestingly enough, they returned day after day. When we prayed for them, shared the Gospel with them and treated them, they opened their hearts and even started to enter the prayer room. We posted a notice: “we listen to your hearts” in front of the prayer room. The people entering the room knew that were sharing about Jesus, and started to share their life stories. The young women spoke of their disappointment and regret they have in their lives as they gave up their dreams at young ages and were married. Old ladies spoke of their physical and mental distress as they have toiled to run the household for many years and now live alone, without a husband and away from grown up children.

We also met many children in our prayer room. Some requested prayers for growing tall, some stayed silent, some came by just because they were curious, and some had physical disabilities. Although we were not able to solve all of their problems, we prayed for them with all our hearts in the name of Jesus, and that was when people started to come. One 8 year old boy named M had previous surgery from having been hit by a cow. The right side of his body was paralyzed, and he could not walk or maintain eye contact with others. M liked music, so we sang and played the guitar for him. First he slightly shook his head following the rhythm of the song, and then, he started to curiously pluck the guitar strings. M’s mother who was initially cautious began to smile. On the afternoon of the third day, a MK (missionary kid) prayed for M: “Lord, our M is sick. Please heal M so that he can run around and play with us. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.” Before the prayer had ended, M’s mother was already crying. M heard the prayer and started to walk step by step. Although each step was effortful, he did not give up, and started to slowly circle the room. We all shouted Hallelujah, praising the name of Jesus. The next day, M’s mother heard the Gospel and accepted Jesus as her savior.

Around the same time, similar events took place in the next village. In the prayer room, the Gospel was proclaimed and people were prayed upon in the name of Jesus. One person accepted Christ and brought all of his family to Christ, similar to the tale of Cornelius and his family in the New Testament.

The miracles did not end here. A church in capital M was visited by a number of people who recently heard the Gospel from Korean tourists few years ago, and they decided come to church on their own. Another local brother who had been ill, was directed by his imam (religious leader) to visit church when the illness was not cured with the imam’s prayer. The brother visited the church in obedience, and was cured after receiving prayer from the congregation.

Another brother who had been possessed by demons went to the mosque to be saved, but his illness could not be healed as the imam tried to beat the demon out of him. He also came to church as the imam suggested, and the demons were cast out with prayer. These exciting stories are true testimonies from the pastor of the church. We give all glory to God, as he keeps His promise and accomplishes His work.

“This is what the kingdom of God is like. A man scatters seed on the ground. Night and day, whether he sleeps or gets up, the seed sprouts and grows, though he does not know how (Mark 4:26-27).

We scattered the seeds, yet we did not realize the change in this land because we could not watch the souls all night and day. Yet, through the hands of the farmers who planted the seeds in this land and those who scattered them from afar, God has begun a new change in this land. So now, we do not want to hastily say that we know everything about the progress in this land. We now want to confess,” we do not know yet we believe!” With anticipation Father God has given us yet another vision: “witness the Gospel to a million souls in Caucasus by 2020. 10,000 Christians, disciples of Christ will rise up.” We believe that this vision will definitely be accomplished.

Countless testimonies about the work of the Holy Spirit are heard these days. We started to pray to be able to share the Gospel with 30 people a day, and we went out on the street and greeted people. After asking for three minutes of their time, we proclaim the Gospel without hesitance. Although a majority of the people have no response or refuse, but we are thankful that there are many who listen to the end. We met a lady who asked “really?” when we told her that Jesus loves her. We met people who listened to the Gospel in tears, and we met a mother that was healed after we laid our hands on her in prayer. Hallelujah! There is power in the name of Jesus. We praise His name!

Clearly, this land is at the brink of change. It is not the land we knew of before.

As we gaze upon the Caspian Sea, we shout from our hearts, “wind of the Holy Spirit that stirred Iran, now come to the Caucasus region.” We pray that more harvesters will rise in this time of revival. We remember the martyrs of Malatya, Turkey in 2007. We remember one of martyrs’ confession, “I was born Muslim, but will die as Christian.” Amen! We wish that this beautiful confession will be those of Muslims in this land. Often times, people are impressed when 1% possibility becomes a reality. But our God can make the miracles of 0% possibility into reality. For example, 100 years ago, missionary Underwood in Korea during the Joseon Dynasty could not see much hope in the land, yet he gave his faith to Jesus to the end, and now the Korean church became its fruits.

Until a million flowers bloom, we will go to the land of Caucasus whether it rains or snows. We will hold on to the cross even if we face persecution and struggle. Please pray for this land. We will follow this narrow path for our Lord Jesus. Slava Bogu! (Glory to God!) Maranatha! Come Jesus come!


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