Perfect Jesus

Perfect Jesus

Missionary John Kang (InterCP Ministry Director)


“Be ever hearing, but never understanding; be ever seeing, but never perceiving” (Isaiah 6:9)

“We played the flute for you, and you did not dance; we sang a dirge and you did not mourn” (Matthew 11:17)

As written in the Bible, people are ever hearing yet never understanding; ever seeing, but never perceiving. People do not dance even when the flute is played and do not mourn when a dirge is sung. People are so full of stubbornness and disobedience that they neither understand nor perceive. Jesus’ second coming is prophesized more than 300 times in the Bible. God created the heaven, earth and universe through His words. His Word is the reality and the truth that was and is to be fulfilled. God created the observable universe through just His words. If Jesus’ second coming is mentioned more than 300 times in the Bible, Jesus will certainly come back soon.

The world is in constant warfare until the return of Jesus. In the first war, the War in Heaven, the Angel Michael and the other angels had victory over Satan and the fallen angels were casted out from heaven and fell to the earth. Satan knew that his end was near and he furiously came down to the earth. In the second war, the War on Earth, the saints and churches will come together and fight this war against Satan. This war will come to an end by eternally throwing Satan into the lake of burning sulfur.

Satan despises and curses humans who are made in the form of God, and Satan corrupts and soils all things that reveal God’s glory. Satan is an accuser and a liar, and all who fall for these accuses and lies are distorted and damaged. This evil Satan must fall into hell; in this war against Satan, the church will fight for victory through the name of Jesus Christ. This land we are residing in right now will be the battlefield until Jesus comes again and defeats Satan.

The Crisis of Humans

Our God is the almighty god that has transcended our knowledge and understanding. Accordingly, God is a being that humans must accept and believe as is. God made the universe through the word “He also made the stars (Genesis 1:16).” However, humans cannot even fathom the limit of this ‘visible universe’; humans can only merely estimate the size of this visible universe through scientific theories. According to the “American Museum of Natural History”, the distance to the border of the universe is 13.7 billion light years, but currently we cannot even truly comprehend the concept of one light year.

As our God is an invisible spiritual being, this spiritual and ‘invisible universe’ is evidently greater and larger than the ‘visible universe’. Even when we compare ourselves to the visible universe that is only one small part of God’s domain, humans seem like extremely insignificant and petty beings. When confronted by the vastness of nature, human beings have absolutely no presence. Thus, humans are prone to this illusion of nothingness. Humans are full of anger towards the absolute being as we are supposedly kings made in the image of God and given authority to rule the earth, but are so insignificant.

Human beings without the intervention of God most likely will fall into emptiness and will harshly condemn themselves through their anger of being insignificant beings. Hence, humans will either follow Buddhism to find peace through emptiness and self-abandonment, or follow Islam to become stomped on. Humans who were created in the image of God are in the crisis of emptiness and worthlessness, not showing the glory of God at all.

Jesus Who Became Flesh

Jesus Christ and his words are a subject of faith that transcend humans’ faith and imagination. The part that we can understand and somewhat explain logically is only in the domain of common grace and not in the domain of revelation. Revelatory truth transcends the domain of humans, so we have no choice but to believe the words as they are. The truth that “Jesus Christ is Lord” is a revelation. It wasn’t hard for the Gentiles to believe that “the Young Man Jesus is God’—this is precisely because they had already worshipped so many idols. For example, they would believe that rocks, trees, the sea, or even bugs could be gods. As a result, when the Gentiles heard the proclamation that Jesus is God, they could immediately respond by saying “Amen”.

However, for the monotheistic Jews that believed in the almighty creator God, it was almost impossible for them to understand that Jesus who came in flesh was God and one with the Father. Moreover, the Jews crucified Jesus on the cross because he proclaimed that he was one with the Father. Not one prophet ever wrote anything in first person for example by saying “those who believe in me”, “except through me”, “I am the way, the truth, the life”, “anyone who was seen me has seen the Father”, “I and the Father are one”. The prophets always used the third-person perspective, for example “the Lord said”, in order to emphasize the difference between the human prophet and almighty God.

Jesus Christ preached that he was one with the Father and specifically used first-person perspective in his teachings. The Jews who believed in one God, perceived Jesus Christ as their obstacle to salvation in the 1st century, up until now. This concept was impossible to them. How could the almighty God who is larger than the universe come down to Earth, a planet that is in the outskirts of this universe, and come in the form of insignificant human flesh? Moreover, how can this Holy God which no one will survive after seeing, be this insignificant Nazerite who’s name is Jesus? This incident is just impossible and unimagible, beyond our understanding. Jesus Christ is truly an unfathomable truth that is from eternity to eternity. Jesus Christ is the epitome of all revelations, and we will receive salvation when we believe Jesus Christ is God and will receive judgment if we do not. This the greatest, complete revelation of all.

The Complete Reverse of Humans

Jesus Christ made an accurate revelation about a single soul’s actual value; it was the single soul that seemed so insignificant compared to the vast universe. Jesus the perfect God came in full flesh, died on the cross, and resurrected from His death. This incident is a transcendental incident that overthrows all existing values, and the value of everything is completely changed through the cross. Humans were insignificant, filthy, dismal and abandoned beings before the absolute God. Humans are such helpless insignificant beings even in front of this visible universe they struggle to find peace by ‘losing’ themselves. Moreover, humans are expressing their despair, wrongfully harming themselves with their anger towards the absolute being.

Humans were just so insignificant before God, and even before Mother Nature, where we live. However, this was completely reversed when Jesus died on the cross for us. Our God proved that the value of human beings is worth more than anything on this earth, and showed his love to the point of death through his death on the cross. This was in order to save a sinner that lives in the vast solar system with the sun as the center, which is one star out of 100 billion stars in the universe, on the Earth that is only 1/100 the size of the sun. In other words, God the creator intervened in Earth’s history for this seemingly worthless sinner through the cross. Through Jesus Christ, the value of human beings was ‘reversed’ from the lowest to the highest. Because of this, the difference between one who is within Jesus Christ and one who isn’t is more extreme than the difference between Heaven and Hell. Who are we that the Son Jesus Christ would die for us on the cross to give us salvation? We have slowly been able to understand the original intended value of human beings through this sacrifice that was given for such insignificant beings such as us.

Then what about our bodies? The human body has always been considered as some insignificant object as it is always filled with lust and greed. Then what value do these tainted human bodies have to God? Why did God choose the human body as his eternal dwelling? When the Son resurrected from the grave, He was the incarnation of Christ in the form of human flesh. From this time until eternity, Jesus Christ will reside in human beings. Even the Holy Spirit resides in our bodies and makes our bodies the Temple of God. The Son and the Holy Spirit both have chosen our human bodies as eternal dwellings when we ourselves do not even think highly of our bodies. Are human bodies really that beautiful of an existence? Not even in angels does the Father or the Holy Spirit reside. The very fact that the Father and the Holy Spirit are residing in the human body for eternity is just a marvelous mystery. In other words, the value of human beings and their bodies have been revealed in the most mysterious way through Jesus Christ.

Complete Salvation

Through Jesus Christ, human beings have become more valuable than the universe, and are unparalled in their value in the invisble world as well. God has never called an angel His son or His bride. However, God calls his believers the Father’s children and the bride of Jesus Christ. Salvation is true glory that cannot be explained merely through this ‘status’. We have divine glory if we are God’s children and we have the unified glory of “man [remaining] in [God] and [God] in him” if we are the brides of God. Through Jesus Christ, Christians have become the complete and perfect glory that we no longer have to fill up or prove. The salvation of Jesus Christ is already the complete glory, and this is precisely because Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit who will reside in us eternally is already the complete glory itself.

Saved believers do not have to strive to prove themselves or fill themselves with other things. Jesus is the complete revelation of truth. If one wants to know who God is, and what the value of God is, he or she can look at Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the 100% complete revelation of God and human beings. The Trinity is the complete glory as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit complementing each other to complete their glory. Hence, the Trinity does not need any additional glory. Our God exists himself, and he himself is glorious, and does not need to use anything else to fill His glory or show his existence. God rather glorifies the things given to him and shines His glory through them. God’s glory is already a complete glory that does not need the evidence of human beings or need to be filled with the glory of humans. Jesus Christ is the complete revelation that truly showed what God’s glory is.

Jesus did not need any evidence from human beings, nor needed to take any glory from humans. The reason is that Jesus himself is the truth, and God is already glory himself. Jesus lived a very humble life for thirty-three years that did not suit the title of the King of Israel. He didn’t have to flaunt with material or physical wealth to try to fill in the lacking ‘glory’ like many greedy kings would do, and also did not ‘criticize’ the rich ones. Jesus lived as the loving king in order to reside with all people who were in poverty and pain. Jesus was not a human that needed to ‘prove’ his glory through an ostentatious castle, elegant clothing or a large army. However, because Jesus was a loving King and God, He freely resided with the poor. Accordingly, Jesus is the complete revelation of the loving God who did not flaunt nor chastise.

Jesus is the perfect role model for the children of God who are saved. Humans without Jesus instinctively try to glorify themselves through everything and everyone around them to try to prove their ‘greatness’ through this fabricated glory. Nonetheless, those who have lifted themselves up to people and not Jesus will only encounter failure in the end. Sinners try to build this glory that they do not have by using everything and everyone around them because they want to flaunt their ‘greatness’ through this ‘glory’. Something that would be along the same lines would be how gods of various religions create something mysterious, and show their presence and glory through whatever it is. This is the exact characteristic of sin.

Sin is any attempt to find glory outside of Jesus Christ. Those who are saved are free like Jesus Christ. Those who are clothed in righteousness do not need human’s evidence nor glory because they are righteous and glorious through Jesus Christ. These people have already been proven, so they do not need to further prove or use others to prove this.

The Second War on Earth

The Pentecost can be considered the starting point of the New Testament churches, but it actually is not the greatest incident. On the day of the Pentecost, the Holy Spirit came down upon 120 people and through these people, up to 5,000 people came to Christ. Furthermore, through these believers and churches, 20,000 of the 100,000 people in Jerusalem came to Christ. In the Church of Antioch that was built in the land of the Gentiles, Barnabas and Saul taught a large group for a year and this group of became became Christians; through these people, 100,000 of the 200,000 people in Anotioch came to Jesus Christ. Through the dispatchment of Paul and Barnabas, the revival of the Church of Antioch quickly spread to Europe and Asia.

The most wicked and sinful city in Rome was Ephesus. Ephesus was the city where the Artemis Temple was located and prostitution was licensed; this city was the shelter and refuge for all criminals. In this dark city, the revival started when twelve people received the Holy Spirit. In the Hall of Tyrannus, Apostle Paul preached the word of God and as a result of his speech 60,000 of the 250,000 Ephesian population came to Christ. God allowed great miracles to happen through Paul in Ephesus—when Paul’s hankerchief or apron was laid upon the sick, the sick were healed. In addition, he burnt a book of magic which was worth 50,000 silver coins, which is the equivalent to 6.5 million dollars today.

While Paul was under house arrest for two years in Rome, he taught everyone who visited him about the Kingdom of God and Jesus Christ. In this land, where Paul had a great vision and dream for, Paul was not able to carry out dynamic ministry but only preached the Gospel passively to those who came to find him. He also preached about Jesus Christ when he was imprisoned. However, after 300 years, 33 million out of the 60 million Romans received Jesus Christ as their savior. As a fruit of this, Roman Empire pledged obedience to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. After the day of the Pentecost, the Gospel was preached from Jesursalem to Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth. The scale and power of this revival is unmeasurable as it expanded and multiplied.

After the Roman churches’ growth and revival, the victory of the churches expanded and multiplied. God’s church has never floundered or been defeated. Our God is the almighty God that cannot be defeated. God is currently finding victory through churches in all nations, tribes and tongues more than ever before. Especially the victory of the churches in the Islamic regions is full of great revival. The fact that Jesus’ churches are having victory in the Islamic region should not be surprising. If you obey the Bible word-by-word, you will become like Jesus Christ. If you follow the Quran word-by-word you will become like ISIS that is following Muhammad. For example, if somebody burned and cursed the Quran, Muhammad’s followers would go after the person to the ends of the earth and murder them, as the Quran tells them to do so. On the other hand, if a person burned and cursed the Bible, Jesus’ disciples would go to the ends of the earth to give the person another Bible. If someone curses Muhammad, Muhammad’s disciples will find the person until the end and kill that person. However, if someone curses Jesus Christ, Jesus’ disciples will go afther this person until the end of the earth to preach the Gospel to bring salvation on the soul. This war is a war where we already have victory. Consequently, Jesus’ disciples can have victory in this war of truth against Muhammad’s followers.

Final Victory

ISIS symbolizes the anger towards an absolute being that does not have Jesus Christ. ISIS, which carries out military actions under the authority of relgion, is actually only a small part of this distorted history. The spiritual warfare between Jesus and Muhammad is a conflict that the church will certainly win in the end; darkness cannot win this war. Jesus Christ is resurrected and is on the right side of God’s throne. However, Muhammad died in 632 AD and is buried in the Green Dome Mosque in Medina, and many Muslims pilgrimage to this ‘holy land’ every year. Our Jesus is a living God, but Muhammad died and became dust. Just like how Afghanistan became open to the gospel as the Taleban regime collapsed after 9/11, it is the most open time in history for the gopel in Middle Eastern countries because of ISIS.

Most Muslims do not read the Quran. Likewise, many born-Christians do not really read the Bible until they truly meet Jesus. These Christians do not read the Bible because they have learned about many Bible stories since such a young age. Similarly, Muslims have been born-Muslims for the past 1,000 years. They are born as Muslims; live as Muslims; and die as Muslims, and naturally they do not read the Quran. Many of the Middle Eastern Muslims were infuriated when ISIS brutally murdered, beheaded and crucified people wherever they were. As a response, ISIS posted verses from the Quran on social media outlets. IS is carrying out the words of the Quran into action, and Muslims are realizing through ISIS that if they actually follow what the Quran says, the world will not become a utopia, but a world filled with war, revenge, murder and hell. Many Muslims may not be able to say this openly a because of the social and religious atmosphere around them, but these Muslims are expressing their disappointment and wrath through their secular lives. As a result, many Middle Eastern Muslims have no resistance against listening to the Gospel and do not refute the Gospel by defending Islam as they used to before. The Muslims in the Middle East are most open to the Gospel more than any time in history.


We have been hearing great news of unprecedented revival and victory from all over the world: Iran, Kurdistan, Afghanistan from the Persian Window; Egypt and Syrian refugee camps in the Middle Eastern Arab window; Turkey from the Asia Minor Window and all of from the Central Asian Window. The victory of the churche is reaching out to the heart of Islam. We will soon see the evil ‘eye’ will collapse and all nations and tribes will see revival and salvation. Much like the First War in Heaven, the Second War on Earth is marching towards victory.

In the First War, Michael and his angels fought against Satan and his followers. Michael and his angels had victory and expelled Satan and his follows to the earth. However, Jesus is the one that will be in the forefront for the second war. Jesus crushed Satan’s head on the Cross and Satan struke Jesus’ heel. And through resurrection, Jesus Christ announced victory. It is our mission to complete this war on this land where we already have victory. The Holy Spirit is within each and every one of us to help us win this remaining war. The Son had victory through the cross and the Holy Spirit is intervening and helping with the remaining war. Many angels are with us to harvest the land, and Satan and his fallen angels are at an absolute disadvantage as there is not much time left. Satan’s wrath is growing larger because judgment day is imminent, and there is no chance of defeat in this second war for the saints and the churches. We have already had victory, are having victory and will complete this victory soon. Let us all become one in Jesus Christ and have victory to the ends of the earth for the glory of God. Through the power of the Holy Spirit!

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