Mission to the University. Our Calling. Our Vision. Daniel Bourdanné. IFES WA2015.

We have a great calling from God – to proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom in the university. We are a community called to evangelise. And, during this time of growth, it is essential to remain focused on our core calling. Remember our aims: • Pioneering: aiming to start evangelical student movements in every country.• Evangelism: proclaiming Jesus as Saviour and Lord, and leading students to faith.• Formación: promoting a life of discipleship, for a lifetime of service.• Mission: encouraging students to take the gospel to the ends of the earth.But how shall we do this? What should we remember?To see Christian students passionate about their mission to the university, we must nurture and train them – our Living Stones vision helps fulfil our evangelistic calling.We want to engage the university with carefully-developed biblical worldviews, demonstrating the integration of faith, life and academic disciplines. And we can do that at many different levels depending on our gifting – not merely the high academic level.It is also vital for us to maintain the important balance between the spiritual aspect and the organisational aspect of our ministry. We must avoid being either spiritual and chaotic, or efficient and godless.That means we must choose our leaders wisely – people with a heart for the lost, who live by the holy Spirit and have clear convictions about our calling. And although we are a movement of intellectuals, we need humility – we must keep rooted in our dependence on God. We must also keep our focus on evangelism and not just turn into a nurturing movement. We are a discipleship movement and leadership development organisation precisely because we are an evangelistic movement. It can’t be the other way round.Today the worldwide student population is exploding. This is a call for us to seek growth and to pray – we dream of seeing one million IFES students engaging the university. But we should also explore healthy partnerships with other ministries to the university.Friends, my heart suffers to see the university, one of the strategic places, not taken care of seriously. My heart suffers to see millions of students not given the chance to hear the gospel during their time at university, when they are still young. My prayer and hope is for you to be refreshed and to return home with more passion to share the gospel.


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