Artisan Tour of Galmi

Nicola in Niger

While we were in Galmi, one of the missionaries arranged for us to go on a tour with a local guide to some of the artisans in the town.

First up were the pottery makers…

P1010345 (640x428)

This woman was making the pots in her home, just behind her, is her bed.  I’m sure making pots is harder than it looks, but she made it look easy.  Here she is shaping the bottom of a big pot.  Then it will be left to dry before she shapes the top.  On a Monday all the women will take their pots to a designated area where they will be fired.  Because there is a shortage of wood in the area, they are not allowed to burn it to fire their pots, instead they use corn stalks.

P1010354 (428x640)

In front are pots that are drying before the tops are shaped, in the middle are pots ready…

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