My Journey Out Of Revivalism

journey“We’re right on the verge of tremendous judgment unless we have a tremendous, tremendous, earth-quaking revival…You’lI get revival when you meet God’s conditions” (Leonard Ravenhill)

“But we are still too careless and ineffective in our prayer lives. We need to recruit many more of God’s children for serious prevailing intercession for revival. It will probably be the regret of millions of Christians throughout eternity that they failed so tragically in their prayer lives. How ashamed they will be when they stand before Christ’s judgment throne. But, oh, the joy of those who wake up now and invest quality time and an adequate quantity of time in earnest intercession, particularly for revival.” (Wesley Duewel, Revival Fire)

Many streams in the body of Christ are driven by the goal of revival. But what is revival? Today, while revival is passionately discussed and prayed for, the term – which cannot be…

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