The Youngest Mullah (Part 1)

Bob Blincoe

Dr. Sa’eed of Iran by Jay M. Rasooli and Cady H. Allen

Sa’eed was a Kurd born in the city of Sanandaj. His was a Kurd mullah in the nearby mosque. While still a young boy, Sa’eed developed a proud intolerance against the Jewish and Christian minorities living in his town. When on an errand to such a home, young Sa’eed was known for passing close to a shelf, and with his elbow sending a dish or two crashing down, and then offering profuse apology for the accident! He hoped that the damage would be to Allah’s glory, and would thus merit a later reward for himself.[1]

The Youngest Mullah

As early as his ninth year, Sa’eed was giving the call to prayer and reading with the mullahs at the mosque. He spent many hours a day reading Kurdish poetical works about Mohammed’s life. At 13 his father died…

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