What happened when the Afghan Government Bulldozed the House of God

Bob Blincoe

The remarkable Dr. J. Christy Wilson, Jr. and his wife Betty made their home in Afghanistan for 22 years. Their stories of faith and Christian service are told in the book of memories, More to be Desired than Gold, that Christy’s students at Gordon-Conwell collected and published in honor of their beloved teacher. At the end of the book, Christy tells the story of the destruction of the House of God, the only Christian church ever permitted in Kabul. Numerous Afghanis had come to faith in the early 1970s, including “blind Paul,” a Muslim who went on to translate the Bible into the Dari language. But Satan became furious because of the glory abounding to Jesus Christ, and moved against Christy Wilson and the church through the hand of the Afghan government.

“Betty and I were ordered out of the country in three days,” Christy writes. The Muslim government then destroyed the…

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