New Life Evangelical Church, Pallini, Attica (Greece)

Our Vision

Our vision and our targets as a church are to live in accordance to the principles of God as they appear in His Word. More specifically our vision is for:

• A church where the timeless truths of God can be taught and lived out in a manner relative to the contemporary man.

• The believers of God to find in our church a family on which they can depend spiritually and which can help them in any of their needs.

• Us to assist and attend to the needs of the whole family; of the children, the teenagers, the young adults, the students, the working, the young couples and the more matured.

• A church that envisions, decides and works together with God’s guidance to further His kingdom.

• The believers to proceed to spiritual maturity through study groups, seminars and bible school programs.

• Us to encourage the believers to practice the spiritual gifts and charismas that God has given them.

• A church that accepts communicates and collaborates with all Christians who are true believers.

• A church where the wounded, the disappointed, the baffled man can find love, acceptance, help, hope, forgiveness, salvation, guidance and encouragement.

• Us to show to the people that God is alive and true and can give an eternal life of contentment and joy in Him.

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