Kostas Metallinos: God’s Messenger to Greece

Kostas Metallinos: God’s Messenger to Greece by Yer Zervopoulos, Ph.D.

This book tells an unusual story shaped by an unusual man. In the fall of 1910, God called Kostas Metallinos, a man with almost no religious education and without any background in the evangelical faith. But Metallinos received his education at the feet of the Lord Himself, studying the Scriptures with a heart fully committed to Him.

Metallinos was more than a man. He was an event—a pioneer and reformer who awakened Greece with his message of salvation by faith.

He was the first in Greece to preach to so many the gospel of Christ, a message that, until then, was very little known to the Greek people. Read how God used Metallinos to promote the evangelical faith in Greece. May you join the hundreds who through him came to know the true Light of life, Jesus Christ.

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