Aghem Bible

The Aghem people live in the northwest province of Cameroon, not far from the frontier with Nigeria. The Aghem are mostly subsistence farmers, and it is a language with around 50,000 speakers. Good progress has been made in this project. The whole NT is drafted, and 60% has been consultant checked. A draft dictionary is nearing completion. Eighteen literacy classes are underway, and more classes are planned. This project is also being used to inspire related language communities.

Thank God that so much progress has been made towards the aim of the project to translate the New Testament and portions of the Old Testament. Praise God for the recent testing and exegetical checks that have been carried out on eight New Testament books. Pray for a successful review and testing of the remaining New Testament books.

The most significant challenge for the Aghem project is the lack of a Bible translation consultant. Please pray for a consultant to become available.

Thank God for the Aghem churches that currently have weekly mother-tongue readings. Ask God that more Aghem churches would open their doors for mother-tongue readings and for Bible translation Sundays.

Thank God for the functional literacy classes which are operational in five villages. There is a shortage of literacy teachers, so please pray for more teachers to be trained and remain literacy teachers in Aghem.

Praise God that the Aghem hymn book has been published for use in all Aghem churches. Pray for the continued distribution of the hymn book around more churches and that it will enable people to sing praise to God in their heart language.

Pray for the Aghem Bible study group and also for the memory verse book of about 60 verses that has been completed and is due to be published soon.

It is often in the final stages of translating the New Testament and preparing it for print that translation teams face the greatest opposition. Please pray for the Aghem team at this stage of the project and that they will be able to meet their goal to launch the New Testament in 2017.

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