Cheuasai Church Planting

1 August 2016

The Cheuasai People are more than 1 million and until Easter of 2014 we could not find anyone from the Cheuasai People in all of human history who had ever believed in Jesus Christ for salvation. In 2014 one Cheuasai person believed in Jesus and this team aims to see a church right in the heart of the Cheuasai region being led by Cheuasai people.

In general the Cheuasai are ancestor-worshipping people and they will face many barriers to believing in Jesus. The evil one is going to push families to abandon any who believe in Jesus, and the prayers of the saints around the world are able to add force to the gospel proclamation.

Currently we are envisioning a total of three church planting teams in three distinct locations. The Lord has raised up the first team and they are in the process of moving from the capital city to a more remote area where they will start a business. Now we are looking for the various gifts that God has given his people to be raised up and join this team to form the second and third distinct church planting locations. This team is in need of another 20 friendship evangelism and discipleship workers who want to live out their skills for the sake of those who are living and dying without even having one friend who knows Jesus as his savior.

Please pray for:

For the Cheuasai Church planting team.

That the Lord will bring more team members with a passion for church planting among those who are living and dying without knowing Christ.

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