Where are the fathers?

Please pray for me….

A man I knew worked as a driver. For over 3 years he helped transport for going to and from orphanages. He had a good sense of humor and he loved children very much. He had taken care of orphans in his home for many years. Despite these admirable characteristics he was prone to heavy drinking…He drank so much every day and often beat his wife and children. He lost himself while he was drinking, he lost his job because of drinking, and, finally, he got really sick due to a damaged liver. His wife eventually told me that doctors said his life remaining was not so long.

Soon I visited him in the hospital. He was sitting on the chair with a swollen abdomen but thankfully he was able to talk clearly. His mind was not clear the day before. When I talked to him, he kept saying repeatedly “please pray for me.” He was a believer but was not sure where he was heading, and he knew his time was coming to the end. We prayed together to ask for forgiveness of sins and to go to the heaven. A few days later he passed away with peace. He was only 44 years old.

This is one of many common stories in Myanmar. Many people are addicted to alcohol and they just sit down in beer houses all day. They make trouble in their families with violence and spend all money on drinking. They know they should stop drinking, but cannot stop it. Why? They lose their job, they lose their family, and lose their life. But it is also true that they are often desperately seeking the truth for their lives and to be changed.

Pray for people who are addicted to drinking alcohol; that they would know God’s love for them.
Pray for families to put their trust in God that He is the one who is able to change their family members.
Pray that fathers will be delivered out of so that they can truly bless their families.

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