Missionary Training Colony

Missionary Training Colony

Founded in 1923 by Godfrey Buxton.

Not a Bible school or seminary but a spiritual army camp to train men as missionaries for the un-evangelised lands overseas.

A two-year course in which mornings were devoted to Bible instruction and the afternoons to learning practical skills such as hair-cutting, shoe repairing, gardening, woodworking and cooking.

The MTC did not provide any direction for the future, we had to seek that from the Lord.

The founder who had lived in rural Ethiopia, determined that his soldiers would be equipped to survive in any corner of the world.

Every morning before daybreak, in rain, sleet, or snow, we jogged in formation to a park, underwent a regimen of calisthenics, then returned to take a cold bath (the Colony disdained such luxuries as warm water).

We repaired our own shoes, cut each other’s hair, prepared our own meals.

Each year twelve men set out on a four-hundred-mile evangelism trip. We preached from place to place and slept in tents or whatever else the Lord provided. It was quite strenuous and we sometimes had to walk up to twenty miles a day. We were all very immature preachers, but it was a good exercise. We pulled supplies behind us in a wagon-wheel cart as we walked through the Welsh and Scottish countryside. The two-year course also included time at a hospital.

The soldiers learned about the importance of devoting every morning for Quiet Time.

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