Scheduled Prayer

The Asian brothers and sisters we met die to themselves daily. They submit their wills to our God.. The startling truth is that there is no secret formula to achieve this intimacy with God and victory over sin. To learn prayer, they pray. They need to know Scripture, so they memorize. The book of James says submission is crucial. So they submit. Submit their desire for food to fast. Submit their desire for sleep to study. Submit their desire for pleasure to work. What I saw lived out assures me it’s possible to live so near to God when we take God at His word and live with simple faith and action. I have never seen people so saturated with prayer. Never. Those on the field pray. For everything. So do the administrative staff. They empower their work with prayer. Twice daily, all work stops as each department reads a Psalm and prays together for specific tasks they’re assigned. They all pray. Gospel for Asia and Believers Church defy Jame’s words: “You do not have, because you do not ask” (James 4:2). These brothers and sisters have so much because they do ask God. What an honour and gift to be drawn into this culture of constant prayer, joy, humility and submission. 

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