Today’s Tentmakers: Self-support, An Alternative Model for Worldwide Witness
by J. Christy Wilson Jr. (1979)

Dr. J. Christy Wilson, Jr worked in Afghanistan for twenty-two years as a tentmaker and was professor of Missions and Evangelism at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.


More to be Desired than Gold: A Collection of True Stories told by Christy Wilson (1998)


This collection of anecdotes and stories has two things that distinguish it.

It is among those narratives that remind you in a hundred different vignettes of the burning, sacrificial love that Christ ignites in people completely surrendered to Him.

But it is unique in my experience as an account of the work of God in 20th Century Afghanistan. You may find yourself adding the account of the church built in Kabul for Christian diplomats or the explosion of Christianity among the Afghan blind people to your own stock of illustrations of God’s character. I am buying loaner copies of this book for friends for that reason.

Dr. Christy Wilson is a great story teller and a modern day hero who simply loved Jesus and followed Him. If you are a student thinking about what you would like to do with your life, there are some good principles found in these pages.

This is a book of 100 short stories that cover the spectrum of life and the Gospel. It highlights the Muslim world in Central Asia and the cost of living out faith in that context. This is a book that was written in 1992 after 22 years of work in Afghanistan. This book is about counting the cost of serving God. You will also read about people of whom the world was not worthy. Following Jesus is not for the fainthearted!

Think miracles stopped a long time ago? Think again! This series of recollections from a godly man who lived and worked among Muslims for many years is a real eye-opener. Maybe your idea of Jesus is not very complete. This book will add to it greatly!

This was a textbook for the Perspectives course back in the early 90’s. Christy Wilson was our teacher. It was one of the most life-changing experiences I have had. It would not be an exaggeration to say that I am serving in the mission field today because of that class and this book. The heart of God pours out from every page.

In the class there were young Christian men and women who had a desire to be martyred for Christ, a death wish. To these young men and women, Christy Wilson would say, If you want to die for Christ, you must first learn to live for Him.

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