Bethany by Bakht Singh

We have the same honour when we uphold the Lord Jesus in the right way. We in ourselves have no honour as God’s servants, but when we obey the Lord fully, wherever we go we are showered with love and kindness in so many ways. If, however, we start kicking like an ordinary colt we also will be beaten. The Lord Jesus is our heavenly King and we have to be brought under His heavenly subjection. Many of us preach Him as a prophet and as a miracle worker, but we do not preach Him as the heavenly King and the King of our hearts. This requires much meekness and gentleness, obedience and emptying.

This fourth entry of our Lord Jesus into Jerusalem from Bethany was on a colt and showed that He was entering as a king. First of all we have to enthrone Him as King in our hearts, then in the family and lastly in the Church. Then only can we go with boldness and authority to preach the Gospel because we have the heavenly King enthroned within us. Only when we give the Gospel with full authority and purity and in all humility can there be any results.

In this fourth visit we find this great secret given to us. We see in Mark 11:8 what great joy was brought into the whole town. That joy began from Bethany and continued into Jerusalem. Bethany was a small village when compared with Jerusalem which was full of many people, including scribes and Pharisees and rich people. But they were totally blind spiritually. Though Bethany was a small village joy came from that place.

It is with a small remnant that the Lord will accomplish His purposes these days. Though we are few in number God can do great things through us if we keep humble and obedient. There should be wholehearted and implicit obedience without questioning. We find that when certain of them nearby asked the disciples what they were doing (Mark 11:5) loosing the colt, they replied that Jesus wanted it, so they let it go. So whatever the Lord demands of you give it quickly and willingly and joyfully and you will find the secret of His power for a triumphant life, a happy home and a living Church.

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