PDF Documents

Christian Witness to Nominal Christians Among the Orthodox: Report of the Consultation on World Evangelization (COWE) Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization

Salvation as Theosis: The Teaching of Eastern Orthodoxy Donald Fairbairn

Patristic Soteriology: Three Trajectories Donald Fairbairn

Eastern Orthodox Teachings in Comparison with The Doctrinal Position of Biola University Robert L. Saucy

The Confession of Orthodox Faith (1629) Cyril Lucaris Patriarch of Constantinople

Jonas King – Missionary to Syria and Greece (1792-1869) F. E. H. Haines

The Oriental Church, and the Latin – Dr. King’s Farewell Letter (1825) Dr. Jonas King

Converted Through Prayer and Scripture Memorization Dawson Trotman

Писание в Православной церкви (Scripture in Orthodoxy [RU]) Павел Тогобицкий

Solus Christus и Православная церковь (Solus Christus and Orthodoxy [RU] Павел Тогобицкий

Крещение в Православной церкви (Water Baptism in Orthodoxy [RU]) Павел Тогобицкий

Рождены, чтобы духовно воспроизводить Доусон Тротман

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